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Scientists study the world as it is; engineers create the world that has never been. Theodore Von Karman

We have a passion for solving problems.

Complex engineering problems with elusive solutions. Problems like yours... You need accurate, timely engineering solutions – for complex mechanical components, intricate electrical systems, thermal management design, computational fluid dynamics formulations, analysis and test, as well as insight into materials options. You need someone who can hit the ground running in formulating “the correct answer”, without risking precious resources getting up to speed or solving the wrong problem. A distinctive combination of industry experience and academic training provides Hill Country Engineering (HCE) a unique ability to “see” quite clearly to the heart of an engineering problem … immediately understanding the problem, the physics behind it, and determining how to solve it, all while putting the answer in a context that matters from either an engineering, functional, or business standpoint. Practical Applications:

  • Validate systems design

  • Optimize performance reliability & efficiency

  • Reduce materials & production costs

  • Evaluate new product designs for quality, cost, function & manufacturability

  • Identify/document project issues and recommended solutions

  • Verify root cause of problems

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Engneering Specialities

Hill Country Engineering can assist you with preliminary design and feasibility studies through final simulation and test.

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Systems Engineering & Test