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Mechanical Engineering



Mechanical EngineeringHill Country Engineering is ready to take on your toughest engineering challenges, from conceptual design to multiphysics simulation and analysis.

Thermal management design and analysis

  • Design and optimization of electronic cooling systems
  • 3D steady state or transient thermal/CFD simulation of any combination of heat transfer mechanisms including: conduction, natural convection, forced convection, liquid cooling, radiation, and solar loading
  • Thermal analysis with moving boundaries such as with ice formation

Electronics reliability design and analysis

  • Solder joint fatigue analysis associated with thermal cycling and/or vibration
  • MTBF reliability prediction/analysis, including de-rating from thermal analysis

Mechanical system design and analysis

  • Electronics packaging
  • Static structural design and FEA analysis
  • Design and dynamic analysis of complex mechanisms
  • 3-dimensional tolerance simulation / Monte Carlo simulation of complex assemblies
  • Bolted joint design, analysis/simulation
  • Press fit, shrink fit, and slip fit design¬†and analysis
  • Environmental and EMI seal design, analysis, and optimization
  • Vibration analysis/simulation, including spectral response, stress, and/or fatigue analysis
  • Shock response analysis/simulation including: drop test analysis, functional shock, and weapon fire shock