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The key to getting the right answer will always depend heavily on making the right assumptions, which includes assuming the most appropriate boundary conditions. This is not only beneficial for obtaining the right answer, but it’s also crucial for efficiency.  “Simplifying” assumptions improves the solution time – and when done correctly, it does so without compromise to the accuracy of the solution.

Hill Country Engineering recognizes which assumptions might affect accuracy and which ones won’t through understanding of the problem and related physics, allowing for refinement of the analysis in order to zero in on the accuracy of the result.  Sometimes this refinement requires additional effort, but may be well worth it in exacting cases.


There are times when the industry standard for error is sufficient for the application. Then there are times when accuracy is mission critical. Hill Country Engineering has a reputation for getting the right answer when it is needed most. What does “getting the right answer” mean for your company? For thermal analysis applications, HCE can provide answers within ± 5% accuracy, as opposed to ± 20-30% typical within the industry. Most structural engineers are satisfied if their answers are ± 15% accurate. HCE structural analysis can typically provide answers that are closer to  ± 1-5% accurate when needed. Who would you prefer to handle your next critical engineering project?


The decision to expand an engineering team is often a difficult one.  Staff engineers are expensive and your requirements may not be sufficient to require a new staff member. Whether you need a project specific task completed or need an engineer on a multi-year contract, Hill Country Engineering is agile and able to adapt to your individual needs.